For those riders unfamiliar with Dirt Action AMCROSS, here is how it works:

* First up, you have to be a financial member of any one of the promoting clubs. 

* Approximately six weeks out from each round, entries will open. Each round must enter each round individually.  Series entry is not available. Only the first 40 riders in each class will be accepted.

* Entries will only be accepted online via RiderNet 

* You must have either a valid racing licence to race Dirt Action AMCROSS, although day licences are available riders choosing to race on a day licence must indicate this on their entry form.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE THE APPROPRIATE RIDER TEST PAPERWORK IN ORDER. If unsure about rider testing, speak to the promoting club.  You cannot carry out a rider test on the day of racing.  ALL RIDER TESTING MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO RACE DAY.

*Dirt Action AMCROSS is essentially a club level racing series with events fun on all natural terrain circuits. Juniors are not graded but race in their individual age group and bike capacity class.

All senior riders must be "C" grade level riders, with the exception of nominated A & B Grade All Powers. Vets classes also accept A & B grade riders.

The A & B Grade All Powers races are ONLY for those riders with the relevant MNSW confirmed grading.

All circuits use for Dirt Action AMCROSS are natural terrain tracks making use of the lay of the land.  Most of the

tracks use an original grass surface and no man made jumps.  Generally speaking the circuits are faster

than conventional motocross layouts.

* Camping facilities are available at some of the circuits, but it is better to check with the promoting club

if unsure.  There is definitely NO camping at the Picton circuit.  Canteen facilities are available at all tracks.

* Each class for both juniors and seniors has a 40 gate start.

* There are no Round trophies for AMCROSS but there is a presentation of trophies and awards for those eligible riders who have scored points throughout the series. Some clubs may wish to make small awards for their round.

* You must compete in a MINIMUM OF FOUR rounds to be eligible for a series trophy. 

* As soon as possible after each round, the current point score appear on this website.  The site will also include the cumulative point score.


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